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Bones (Asthi Dhatu)

“Asthi Dhatu” refers to the bone tissue. Ayurveda recognizes seven Dhatus, which are the fundamental tissues that make up the human body. These are:

  1. Rasa Dhatu: Plasma or lymph
  2. Rakta Dhatu: Blood
  3. Mamsa Dhatu: Muscle
  4. Meda Dhatu: Adipose tissue (fat)
  5. Asthi Dhatu: Bone(orthopedic in ayurveda)
  6. Majja Dhatu: Bone marrow and nervous tissue
  7. Shukra Dhatu: Reproductive tissue

Each Dhatu plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s structure and function. Asthi Dhatu, specifically, is responsible for the skeletal system and provides support and structure to the body.